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The TITS Week 5

26 Oct

Dear TITS lovers, this week has been a special treat for the bresticle loving public, as you get a second free helping of nipple bangers to keep a pop in your step in this lowly mid term period. I hope you all get through this period of academic annoyance with the utmost prosperity and sanity. My muse to distract myself in the library lately has been a combination of fantasy sports and the following:

If you have been following my blog then you have already seen the short film Runaway that Kanye recently aired. The one song from the film that caught my ear was “Dark Fantasy,” the one playing at the beginning when Kanye is driving that awesome car. From the looks of it, Kanye has developed a new style yet again, one that is very hit and miss in my opinion. Theres a fine line between innovative and weird, and Kanye likes to flirt with it. With this track, Kanye decides not go too overboard and the result is truly tasty. His use of violins and string instruments complements perfectly with the heavy bass and piano undertones. Definitely one of the best songs on the album in my opinion.

Hip hop is not dead, its evolving. The recent boom of popularity towards the Dub Step genre has been a blessing for rappers and hip hop producers alike, as the production and flow of each genre compliment each other very well. With its heavy bass and low tempos, Dub Step music provides a great platform for freestyle rappers to add a new dimension to their game and fanbase. My prediction is that eventually there will be a heavy separation between rappers who hold true to the old school rap game, and those that are willing to embrace this modern musical revolution. The track below, a collaberation between the heavy dub DJs Zeds Dead and the up and coming rapper Omar LinX, is a perfect testament to dub and hip hops compatability. This track is tasty as sin and I hope that more big names in rap will open their ears and lend their flow to the dub step genre. This could be a start of a beautiful friendship.

This next track was created by HaHaHa, a producer based out of Glasgow. The only term I could think of to define this track is deliciously odd, for it is a combination of some of most mellow acoustic samples with fantastic editing and remixing of Florence’s track “Youv’e Got The Love.” For those that appreciate the direction that skilled indie producers have been taking lately, this song will be a treat. Personally i am biast, as I enjoy almost any song with Florence vocals, but this producer has real talent and I hope to hear more from him soon.

This next track came as a bit of a surprise to me, as it did not sound anything like I thought it would. Erol Alkan remixes usually hold true to his motto to “keep kids dancing,” and are more often than not over banging ragers. This remix of MGMT’s “Congratulations,” is a funky/mellow kinda pick me up song, and is very unlike Erol. However, its nice to see a softer more textured side of the aging London based DJ. I just hope that he hasn’t lost that edge that has kept him consistently popular since his mash up days of the early 2000s.

The other day I had the pleasure of skyping with my wife Raph, who is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen. Recently she visited Amsterdam, where she had the utmost privilege of seeing Afrojack play his first sold out concert in his hometown. From what she described, the prince of pleasure threw down one of his most epic sets to date, but im really not surprised. For all of you who still do not follow Afrojack, you best smarten up, as his fame and musical talents are only getting better.

Here is a song for all of you mainstream lovers. Personally, I dont think this song is that good, but that has no impact on the imminent popularity this song will soon have amongst the fists of countless guidos. The Black Eyed Peas have been able to constantly find the recipe for songs that you hate yourself for singing along to, and I guarantee that after the usual 2 months or so of this songs popularity, it will die faster than Michael Jordan’s career in the MLB.

Im not too sure if it was actually Justice who created this remix, or if some shmo threw Justice’s name on it to gain popularity. Either way whoever made this accomplished a terribly difficult feat; they were able to make a Britney Spears song bangable. Kudos.

Marina and the Diamonds by themselves are quite fantastic, but its nice to see a seasoned remixer like Fred Falke dabble in the indie music scene. This remix isn’t unbelievable, but its an upbeat disco-esque track that is well done and will keep u bopping around when you need a pick-me-up.

Im not sure where Pharell has been lately, but from the sounds of this next remix hes been spending a little time in India. He took the classic stones hit “Sympathy For The Devil” and threw a bunch of sitar and bongo drum samples behind it, which suit Mick’s vocals surprisingly well. If this is any indication of Pharell and the Neptunes new production direction, im very excited to see what they will be churning out next.

What is there left to say about A-trak, aside from how incredibly talented he is. He is one of the few electro DJs left that remains firmly planted in his scratching and hip-hop roots, which allows him to continually create tracks that are unparalleled in terms of originality. He is the shimmering gem of the montreal music scene and will forever be a driving force in the DJ culture. O ya, hes also a Juden!

Lets all pray for a strike!

- Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

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