Indubitably Dubstep Vol. IX

24 Jan

Dear Dirty Dubsteppers,

Welcome back to the weekly rundown of all things Dubstep. I have for you today an abundance of dirt, almost like a huge dump-truck just emptied out it’s entire supply of sonic grime all over the place. The grime is super fresh and quickly climbing the Beatport charts. If 2010 was the ‘year of the Dub’, then 2011 is looking like there is no slowing down for Dubstep with brave new artists releasing sounds that will shake your core and haunt your dreams. Now go put some wobble in your step, son.

The Bassist – Let Me Know

Nice ambient background over some really heavy bass and vocals.

Rave Formz & The Dub Cobra – Trippple Press

Literally a horror movie in song-form. Big-ups to whoever knows which movie is being sampled.

Jack Beats – U.F.O (K-Hole Riddim)

A great remix of Jack Beats without shying too far away from that classic Jack Beats wobble.

Muffler – Neurons

There is so much going on in this song that it will take more than just a couple listens to get the full effect.

Larry Stylez – I Like My Bass Phat (Hirshee’s West Coast Dub Mix)

There is no arguing here about the ‘phat-ness’ of the bass in this one.

Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale (Datsik Remix)

Having Datsik make a Dubstep remix of any song is like taking a super hot naked chick and dipping her in chrome. ‘Nuff said.

Big Dope P – Kazfara Juke (Dodge & Fuski Remix)

This track is quickly reaching the top of the charts and is on my shortlist of best tracks of 2011. It’s only January.

Hadouken! – Oxygen (Gemini Remix)

There is something about the echoed vocals mixed with seductive synth-lines that make this track feel almost calming while at the same time makes you wanna headbang out of control.

Curtis B – Sharkin

I never thought I would see the day when a classic Zeppelin drum beat, and ear-deforming bass combine to dazzle our minds, but then again Britney Spears just made an attempt at Dubstep so maybe anything can happen.

Mark Instinct – Destroyed

Just like Mark’s Rottun Recordings‘ label-mate, Ajapai, he knows the exact combination of sounds to make the listener fly right out of his chair. Clearly Rottun Recordings pushing out some serious talent.

Total Recall – Yeshua

This one is a meeting of soft, expansive dubstep, and really filthy bass, creating the feeling like you are floating high in the air, right above hell.

Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

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