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Video Recap of The Beetroots In London

4 Feb

Dear London Music Hallers,

ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!! After a long period of anxiously waiting, a properly edited video of the Beetroots show @ London Music hall has finally leaked to the internet. Props to Double Standards films for shooting the fuck out of this, you really did a fantastic job. For all of you that were there, enjoy reliving the event, and you might even see yourself amongst the raviging mayhem that is depicted on screen. It was honestly one of the greatest nights of my life and Im glad I can visually relive the concert that has brought this site so much glory. For all of those who missed it, watch the video and have fun crasterbating (ie crying and using ur tears as lube to spank off). If you missed my review of the evening which is coupled with the set list, which somehow cracked the Beetroots website, you can find it here.


Bloody Beetroots @ London Music Hall from Adrian Alexander Pereyra on Vimeo.

- Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

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