Indubitably Dubstep Vol. XXIV

26 Jun

Honorable Headbangers,

These past few days have carried a very different soundtrack than what my ears are used to experiencing. I’ve been soaking myself in the warm embrace of Toronto’s Jazz Fest and have been lucky enough to cross off ‘The Queen of Soul’, Aretha Franklin from my bucket list of musicians I must see…not before I croak, but before they do. Even though the mood seemed more like one you would find at the DMV (due to the terrible crowd organization) I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the same songs I used to fall asleep to as a child, sung to me live. What was even more enjoyable was this being the first show in a looong time that I didn’t leave with a fire alarm still going off inside my brain. The noise recess had allowed my ears some prep time for this decibel-destroying post. It’s best defined by the Triple H. No, not him…I mean Hot Heavy and Hard. The Dubstep community is out in full force, dropping tons of filthy knowledge on our molested earholes. I’ve been kept satisfied with new tracks from world renowned producers like NERO and Borgore, while also stumbling upon some unknowns, who all clearly have bright futures in mindfucking. Enjoy, and remember…there’s always hearing aids.

- Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

Full Post DL Link HERE (Right Click Songs to DL Individually)

Chipmunk feat. Trey Songz – Take Off (Intanatty Remix)

Oh ya it’s definitely proper to start off with some D’n'B, going with the overall MASSIVENESS of this post. This track starts off very sweet-tempered, and then jumps straight into insanity.

AfroWhitey – Ridin (Ed Solo VIP Mix)

Hip-Hop and Glitch make such a good couple. Move over Brangelina.

Urban Assault – Red Raider (Figure Drumstep Mix)

The Midwest beat-assassin known as Figure creates a comic hero theme song capable of reverting the entire Avenger squad back into their 3 year old piss-pant versions of themselves.

Jay Robinson, Figure – Drop That Bomb

This one doesn’t show a more mellow side to Figure. Its the same in your face basstastical messiness, but this time its a little slower, adding a sinister feel to it.

Potential Bad Boy feat. Junior Dangerous – Lock Em Off

The last little while I’ve been working at a law office basically just inputing stuff into the computers, so luckily I’ve been able to keep my ‘lectro fix flowing throughout the day, courtesy of BBC Radio 1′s unbelievable cast of DJ’s. This is a track I found while passing my time reliving the last week of British airwaves. Anyone stuck at a computer must have their speakers tuned to Radio 1 at all times.

Excision & Downlink – Heavy Artillery (SKisM Remix)

This song says it all right at the beginning…its heavy as sin and packs a beat accented by the pump of a shotgun. That’s Dubstep.

Boy Kid Cloud – Feel High

Getting high off this tune will only lead to severe neck problems and liquid leaking from your ears. Sounds like a party to me.

Borgore – Delicious (Original Mix)

This one comes fresh off Borgore’s latest EP of the same title. I fucking love listening to Borgore’s raunchy-as-fuck lyrics come blazing through with bass only capable from the depths of Borgore’s loins. I highly recommend a full EP purchase for anyone who can handle extreme filth and gore.

Greg Reve (T.O.B.) – Decoy (Mark Instinct Remix)

This track is so heavy and everytime I imagine it being played live, there’s a huge blood-soaked moshpit in the middle of the crowd. This track solidifies my belief that a Dubstep/Metal concert would be unbelievably loud and necessary.

Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

This epic-sized track comes courtesy of Montreal’s gifted producers Adventure Club and their affinity for gargantuan beats. Big ups to The Lions Den for posting this one on their site a little while ago.

NOISIA, Phace – Program

Back for more frantic speed tunage from D’n'B legends NOISIA and Phace. I am so excited to see NOISIA rock out at Wemf, because anytime there is some deep, dark, drum and bass, you know you are in for a shitshow.

Nero – My Eyes

My favourite artists at the moment continue to leak most of their highly anticipated album, Welcome Reality, spoiling some of the surprise by prematurely ejaculating their glory all over the EDM scene before they can even purchase the full thing! Too bad nobody has any problem with it, and I personally welcome some more tracks like this, that show the comprehensive grasp they have over musical production. This one is super sexy and smooth, but with that same NERO ‘Blockbuster’ feel to it. Kinda like that Pirate porno.

Nero – Book Of Harmony

I remember hearing this one during their Symphony 2808 and I only imagined the epicness that would come with the original. I don’t think I imagined it to be this epic, and come with it’s own tale of destruction. Let me be the first to graciously welcome NERO’s successful conquering of the sonic universe, and subject myself to their ruling.

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