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The TITs Week 35

7 Jul

Fellow Silicon Supporters,

There’s a lot for you guys to check out this week, so I wont keep you too long. Your continual support has allowed me to neglect my day job to new levels, and thus you shall be rewarded with some fantastic content to be released in the upcoming weeks. We got a lot of positive feedback on the Steve Duda interview, and are pleased to let you know that we’ve already got a new new ones in the works. If you have any suggestions on who we should interview, or would like to be interviewed by us, simply tweet us @WorstGuyblog or shoot us an email.

For you Torontonians, tomorrow I will be having the pleasure of seeing Omar Linx perform his first solo concert ever @ The Opera House; where he will be playing tracks off his upcoming album that includes collaborations with Zeds Dead. I just grabbed myself a ticket for a measly 15 bones, and was even happier to lay down that cash once I heard the Tape Deck Bros are opening.

- Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy


The Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Club Remix)

Skrillex – First of the Year (Equinox)

Save The World (Zedd Remix)

If you were following along on twitter last Sunday night, you’re already well aware of the insanity that I experienced @ London Music Hall, courtesy of the three young individuals that are currently molesting North America on their OWSLA tour. From what I saw, what I’ve heard/watched from other shows on the tour, and what people have tweeted about in the process, this particular tour is looking to go down as one for the books. Each of them dropped multiple helpings of unreleased material and had the crowd in full muck-mode for the entirety of their respective sets.

As a small taste of whats to come in the soon-to-be published full review of the evening, here’s the videos I got of each of Skrillex‘s unreleased tracks:

P.S. Skrillex is starting a new record label named OWSLA Records, and one of its first releases will be Porter Robinson’s new track Spitfire


Hit’s Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)

I don’t know the guy personally, but if I were to take a stab at it I’d say that Dillon Francis must get some of the best pussy in the business. My reasoning for such a bold hypothesis is simply that Moombahton music (especially his brand) is made of what every sexy girl loves to throw down to. I’ve had people describe Dillon’s music as – “Care-Bear porn background music,” “a symphony of exploding ecstasy bubbles,” and even “Margret Thatcher diarrhea noises,” but to me it will always be that amazing sounding shit that has fueled some of my most memorable girl-related eye fixations. My sanity and my penis thank you Mr. Francis.


Nero – My Eyes

Ya ya I know, Dr. Robotnix posted this in the most recent Indubitably Dubstep segment but can you blame me for posting it again? I mean really, these boys are in a whole other stratosphere of dubstep production, and this is quite possibly the most sensual track I have heard in a while. The layering that Nero puts into each and every aspect of their tracks is absurd, and their music reaches me on an overwhelmingly primal level.


Tthhee Ppaarrttyy feat. Uffie (Crizzly Remix)

If there is one man I can always count on to plump my day up with some extra FUCKYEAH its Crizzly. He’s got an amazing knack of remixing and sampling some of the best gems around, and his production style is just too fat to put down. The moment I have a venue to work with and enough cash flow to permit it, you can bet that he will be amongst the first producers I fly into Toronto to throw down.


Mord Fustang – Magic Trooper (Original Mix)

This latest track from Estonian wonder-boy is an absolute winner. This guy is pushing electronic music into realms that others have yet to explore, ones filled with obscure brown noise samples and amazingly angelic synthesizers. Mr. Fustang‘s music has been included in the sets of some of the biggest names in the game nowadays, and he doesn’t look like hes going to be slowing down anytime soon.


Bassnectar – Upside Down (Radio Edit)

After I saw him for the second time this year at Bonnaroo, I was reminded as to how unique a Bassnectar live set is in comparison to every other Dubstep artist. Putting his splendifirous light show aside, his productions have a way of seeping into my skin, especially when heard through a monstrous speaker system. If you have not seen Mr. Ashton yet in the flesh, I implore you to check his tour schedule and see if hes making a stop near you. I promise you wont regret it.


Robyn – Hang With Me (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)

How many sequential weeks of the TITs has Drop Out Orchestra made an appearance so far? Seriously I’ve lost count. No matter, the song listed above is a perfect excuse as to why they should be featured on each and every episode from now until my ears fall off.

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