Sonic Meets Dr. Robotnix (Mord Fustang London Review)

22 Sep

 Dear Loyal Listeners,

T’was the first Monday rager of the new school year. I had already celebrated with the likes of Crookers, Zeds Dead and the finest London’s EDM scene had to offer, but I had been anticipating this show for over a month already, and could feel it creeping closer like a spider running down my neck. It was in mid-August when I bought my ticket, however by the day of the event I managed to stockpile two more due to the free release of tickets to the people that already bought theirs. From this I anticipated a weak turnout, especially considering many people were recovering from Avicii the night before, and sadly the name Mord Fustang still hadn’t caught wind with the majority of the London scene.

It had been a fortnight and thensome since I last stepped into the NYer, but I was quickly reminded of how cramped the main room gets during big events. I waited on the patio in fear during most of MDMK and Conway‘s sets, relishing every last second of dry clothing and watching the venue slowly fill with the drunken exuberance of London’s die-hard electro-heads.

When I finally decided to head in and peep the setup, I was immediately caught in a trancy daze due to the kaleidoscopic light show at the NYer. By the time the ‘Estonian Enigma’ stepped up to the booth, I had made my way upstairs to catch the closing rhythms of Conway’s set. Having only ever seen a picture of Mord with an iPad in front of his face, the reaction to this unknown ‘Tall-Skrillex’ looking person among people in the booth was of excitement, peppered with a hint of confusion.

The first thing that I noticed was his Sonic The Hedgehog tee, that made me insanely jealous and foreshadowed the evening of nostalgic 8bit video game sounds that was about to unfold. When he finally took to the decks, chants of ‘Mord!, Mord!, Mord!’ filled the room as he embarked London on an epic, glitch-infused melodic journey, featuring some of the most innovative electronic music this side of Tallinn. The entirety of my night was spent up in that sweatbox of a booth, where one would normally feel like a VIP, but I guess it just so happened to be the same night that the bouncer stopped giving a fuck about his job, because everyone and their grandma were up top partying and doing their part in creating a human-induced sauna. Although this made for an awesome time, there was however a slew of slanks (slutty-skanks) forcing their way next to Mord just to bother him for a picture during his set. Word to the wise: If you really want to look like a mess beside a DJ, wait until after he’s finished his job.

The heart of his set included some of his more well known bangers, like Super Meat Freeze and Milky Way, but what really got the juices flowing was the unexpected rinsing of Deadmau5‘s ‘Where Are My Keys’ and Zedd‘s classical rework ‘Dovregubben’. The one part of Mord’s set that stood out above all else was the dark, groovy unrevealed Mario sample track, that struck deep in the nostalgia glands of everyone at the club. What I’ve learned from attending all these shows is that no matter how good the DJs set is, the crowd’s energy is always closely tied to the DJ’s own response. Even though the place was trembling with the bouncing bodies of buoyant youth, Mord stayed intensely, and largely unemotionally focused on his equipment, and left the passionate fist-pumping to the slurry of people surrounding him by all sides.

After finishing off his set with the synth-bound ‘Lick The Rainbow’, Mord handed the reigns back over to Conway and headed out to the patio where we had the chance to commend him on his set, and find out that he too happens to be a fan of the site. I could go ahead and tell you that I’m starting to get accustomed to this type of thing, but that would be a dirty, dirty lie. The overwhelming joy I received from hearing that Mord Fustang is a fan of TWG has left me with a focused drive to continue growing this site. It’s a rare occurrence when fans of each other meet, and I look forward to the next dose of inspiration from another great musical talent.

- Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

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