Trippy Vibes Tuesday: Episode 35

7 Feb

 Fellow Ragers,

I constantly hear from people that they think they were born in the wrong generation, that somehow they feel the music of today doesn’t compare to the music from forty years ago. Well I don’t know what all those people were talking about, we have the internet giving us access to music that we would have never been able to hear and we’re only about a month into 2012 and already there’s been some sick albums dropped.

I sat at my computer last week, eagerly awaiting the release of Break Science’s latest EP, Monolith Code, hitting the refresh button over and over again with frustration that it hadn’t been posted yet. My patience, or what was left of it, finally paid off as I finally been awarded with the long awaited EP. Now that I have had the chance to listen to it a few times I can safely say that Monolith Code, is definitely going to be one of the contenders for best album of 2012. Their dirty dubstep sounds are complimented nicely with a hip-hop influence and sprinkles of breakbeats here and there that hit you in the face like a ton a bricks. The talent that these two musicians possess is unparalleled and I can only hope that they grace my fair city of Toronto some time soon, and it would be even better if they brought along Jojo Mayer and Nerve who opened for them at their CD release party at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York last Thursday.

Break Science – Forest Of Illumination

Break Science – Light Speed Transit

Break Science – Resistance March

It seemed like DJ Food was a meal that had already been eaten up and digested. But finally after eleven years he released a new album, The Search Engine. This album was quite refreshing to hear as he brought an old school feel to what modern electronic music has become. It is pretty laid back and has songs with vocals that aren’t fed through a vocoder.

DJ Food – GIANT Feat. Matt Johnson

DJ Food – Prey (feat. J.G. Thirlwell)

DJ Food – Magpie Music (feat. 2econd Class Citizen)

Brainfeeder Records won the “Label of the Year” award at the 2012 Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards and to thank them for the award, they provided all of us with a free sampler from some of their artists. That’s where I came across Mono/Poly and he’s one of those those DJs that I can’t really place into just one category. He has a very diverse style and seems to be capable of blending styles ease.  He is definitely someone to look out for this year. And for those who are interested you can grab that Brainfeeder sampler here.

Mono/Poly – Glow

Mono/Poly – Punch The Troll In The Neck

Mono/Poly – Needs Deodorant

If you read yesterdays edition of The TITS, I’m sure you heard the song We Must Go On from Pretty Lights, but I guess TWG forgot that PL also made a kick ass video for the song. Filmed in various cities while he was on tour with his girlfriend, they had three goals in mind,

“1 – Create a visual accompaniment for the music that added depth and complexity to the emotions being channeled by the music and lyrics… Rather than tell a story, communicate a range of feelings and open ended ideas.
2 – Create a piece of art that speaks to the name “Pretty Lights” The name was originally intended to capture the essence of inspiration and speak to the nature of the artistic eye, so this video combines captivating imagery with beautiful lights in an organic and creative manner.
3- To accomplish the first two things in a way that captures the attention of the viewer and does not let go. The element of precise synchronicity combined with quickly and creatively edited shots brings the video and music together in a way that unites the two like never before.
It truly is one piece of art.”

Every time I watch Chris “Daddy” Dave play drums my mind gets completely blown to pieces and after painstaking hours trying to put it back together, I had to watch some more of his videos. Bonus points to anyone who can name the two songs he’s playing.

John B was one of the first electronic artists that I got into, I may have only listened to his song Take Me Home, but that was enough of a starting point for me. Not having any of his other songs, or really anything about him for a while I found out that he released a new album, Light Speed, yesterday. I haven’t had too much time to listen to it yet, but there were a few tracks that caught my ear and I can tell this is gonna be a record that is gonna have a pretty high play count in my itunes library.

John b – Take me home

John B feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Connected

John B – Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix)

- Signed Sincerely, Hooch

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