Peros Productions Presents: Rave At The Wave Vol. 1

29 Feb

London Bass Heads,

This Thursday, 7 DJs from Toronto and London will be busting the long-awaited electro-cherry of Western campus with an all-night rave in the quaint upstairs restaurant of the UCC. So save your cab fare and thank the lord there will be no chance of catching pneumonia, because the only real party going on will be the Rave at The Wave, where there will be so much bass that walls of the UCC will be vibrating for weeks. You can bet your sweet ass we’ll be there live tweeting and going HAM in the one place I never expected to go HAM in.

The lineup for the night consists of the Rather Rude Crew, Seek & ArkhiveKid MK, and the legendary Toronto producer/DJ, Marcus Visionary. For those that don’t know, Marcus has been a full time DJ, promoter and music producer for over two decades. Signed to Shy FX’s Digital Soundboy, you’ll always find him playing Jungle Dnb, house or dubstep. You can guarantee high quality as Marcus puts in a full time effort as both a DJ and music producer.

- Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

Tickets are $10.
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