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Indubitably Dubstep Vol. LV

18 Apr

Ragers and Ravers Alike,

I thoroughly apologize for the lack of kick & wobble present in the last few weeks, but I, like many of you have been toiling in the sands of academia. Nevertheless, my days of bondage at the hands of the University of Western Ontario are finally past me, and as a man bathing in the sweet nectar of emancipation, I find it obligatory to share with you some of my songs of glory, in the hopes that you too can come celebrate in the lush garden of sovereignty we refer to as ‘summer’. It’s been a while, so prepare to squeeze in a dump-truck full of bass onto that tiny hard-drive of yours.

- Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

Gemini – To The World

I had meant to throw this one in a while ago, when it was still a fresh release. However, I still play this ferocious monster as much as I did when I first bought it. For those unaware of the melodic masterpieces of British-born Gemini, this tune is the perfect mix of his uplifting synths and bone-crushing bass. Grab his Fire Inside EP on Beatport…it will not disappoint. 

Dream – Trigger Finger

Another young sprite from the UK, Dream probably has one of the largest arsenals of unreleased tunes for an artist not yet 25. Luckily for us, he happened to release this one for free not long ago and since then its been bangin through every soundsystem I can get my hands on. Here’s to hoping this prodigy finally gets a big signing and subsequently vomits out his array of ‘must have’ tunes all over us.

Vaski – Take Me There (Original Mix)

One of the most underrated American Dubstep producers out there, Vaski, much like Gemini, always seems to concoct the right mix of soft and heavy in his tracks. Fans of big glitchy bass know all too well the sounds that come from this guy always seem to stick out the most. 

Fast Foot – Cows To The Slaughter (Calvertron Remix)

It’s hard to believe as soon as the song starts that this is the legendary bass maestro Calvertron composing these beats, however once the drop hits, all of the bright ‘feel-good’ sounds that open the song fall to the monstrous crunching basslines of a thousand chainsaws.

Logistics – Believe In Me

Jumping from one legend to the next, Logistics is a name that needs no introduction to true bassheads. His newly released ‘Fear Not’ LP is a 15 track rollercoaster ride through a variety of tempos and styles that I just can’t seem to get off of at the moment. Believe In Me is one on the softer side of his album, but still packs enough wobble to warrant a spot in this post. I fully recommend you do anything in your power to listen to the full album, which includes buying it off Beatport.

Kaskade, Skrillex – Lick It (Datsik Remix)

Datsik knows not of waiting. Not even a month after he drops his hugely receptive ‘Vitamin D’ album, this mosh-starter gets tossed out and all of a sudden everywhere you look Datsik’s name is on some chart. Still, this track may be just a little too neo-metal for me, as I’d rather bust out the original for fear that if I play the remix my landlord will evict me. Peep the full remix album on Beatport, and laugh at how they categorize this track as ‘House’ #SMH

Mooqee, Pimpsoul – Feeling Good (Tantrum Desire Remix)

Time to up the tempo with a brand new remix by the hottest name in the DnB circuit at the moment, Tantrum Desire. Currently on a tour making their mark across North America, I can’t wait until their inevitable stops in Toronto on the 27th with bass-god Loadstar, and in London on the 28th at APK. Their Drumstep take on this lyrical classic has me anxiously awaiting their arrival to my neck of the woods so I can step my heart out to this live.

Muffler – Calling Your Name (SKisM Remix)

SKisM consistently winds up in my most played list simply because the level of power that lies inherent in that filthy discography of his. The majority of tracks I hear with his tag on it just blow me away with the big room production always present, and how he still manages to give it that underground sound as well.

Freq Nasty – Bon Merde (Liquid Stranger Remix)

Im just gonna use whatever authoritah I have with the stoner community and mandate this song as the official theme of the International Bass/Pot Head Party, with Liquid Stranger as its Minister of Headbanging.

Datsik – Bonafide Hustler (Original Mix)

I really couldn’t do a complete review of the past few weeks in Dubstep without throwing in my favourite track from my favourite release. Datsik’s ‘Vitamin D’ shows us how far the Kelowna Hustler has come in his evolution. I found the majority of the album to be a Dub/Hip-Hop hybrid, not just in lyrical value, but in much of the actual production itself, which does not upset someone like me who grew up on artists like Biggie, Wu-Tang, ATCQ, etc. Go ahead and buy some ‘Vitamin D’ if you haven’t already. Trust me, it’s good for what ails ya.

Haze – Spazz

Haze, the darker, and somehow more sinister alter-ego of FuntCase dropped his self-titled EP a few weeks back. Cooking up basslines only an evil mind like James Hazell’s could produce, Spazz is a bouncy clusterfuck ill-suited for any setting except a seedy underground nightclub. Cop the full album here.

Figure – The Brink

Stepping away from his safety zone of Drumstep, Figure’s newest track showcases his domination of the 140 bpm group in a big way. The fact that this song may not be in the same tempo as most of his stuff, yet still feels like a pure-bred Figure monster is what made me fall in love with it. You can’t deny those debilitating Figure drum beats are some of the hardest hitting sounds on the scene today.

Lazy Rich – The Chase feat. Belle Humble (Habstrakt Remix)

Another name showing up everywhere nowadays is Habstrakt, the young French phenom who is carving out his own sound in a country known for breeding some of the most legendary names in all of EDM. He’s definitely got some of the French pop feel in his sound, but its that wicked bass that keeps me coming back for more. This one is obviously a club smasher, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to have Belle Humble’s sultry voice riding those basslines.

Psymbionic – Ride With Me (Starkey Remix)

Not sure if its my fault, but this is the first time I’m hearing of Philly ‘street bass’ producer Starkey and I’m kinda ashamed. This tune is massive on all fronts, and is another Hip-Hop influenced gem, packaged with the grimiest breakdown this side of the Atlantic. 

Styles&Complete – Hold On Little Girl

Finally, we come to the end of this basstacular journey, finishing with the nostalgia factor over 9000, courtesy of Styles&Complete, and their remix of that one hit wonder we all somehow remember (Note: If you have never heard the original before, you are way too young to be reading this). 


Extra Special Treat:

Here is a mix I did a few days ago for my set at Light Speed in Martini Bar. Packed full of Drumstep/DnB double-dropped bangers’n'mash.


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