Mr. Carmack – Life/Death EP

2 Feb

Mr. Carmack - Life/Death EP

Fine Future Screwers,

Thats right people, the ever-so-lovable, and sexy, downtempo branch of the trap music tree has evolved itself to the point of earning its own controversial genre-label. This new term, ‘Future Screw’ (or ‘Future Wave’), has been circulating the internet music forums at a tamagotchi-equivalent rate, as it seems that the fan’s yearning for this movement to become it’s own collective entity has just become too strong to deny.

Love it or hate it, I have found the term branded to some outstanding pieces of modern music production lately; like this new release from the talented Mr. Carmack. His previously released Bang EP was dripping with originality, and this new creation picked up exactly where the Hawaiian native left off.

And just for fun, I threw in a orphanage fridge’s worth of new Trap, and Future Screw, music and a couple of new sets that Dr. R and I threw together last night over YouTube, which feature many of the songs below.

- Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy


Mr. Carmack – Life/Death EP

Other Trap/Future Screw

Dr R. & TWG – Midnurt Murrka Mix

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