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Wolfgang Gartner; The Prince of Pain

16 Sep

Dear Wolfgang,

Id like to start off by saying that since discovering you and your music, my body is slowly but surely beginning to shut down. It really doesn’t matter where i am when your music starts to play, within seconds you have my head banging, my feet shaking and my fist PUMPING. I have had the good fortune to witness you perform live twice, once in Toronto at MOD club and once at Electric Zoo, and from the endless remixes you kept blasting it seems to me that your flow will be worshipped for years to come. Watching your hands molest every knob and dial is somehow more impressive than the blinding light show behind you, especially since that raping and molesting produces some of the most mind numbing raging music that most have ever heard. My only advice to you, is to go buy yourself a pair of good dj headphones. Those backstreet boy style earpieces you have im sure are amazing, but they dont allow you to hear how fucking loud the crowd actually is while you perform. At the Zoo the crowd was noticing you getting upset that they weren’t loud enough, but that wasn’t the case good sir. Your music had people on the verge of collapsing from everything from overdoses to euphoria, you just couldn’t hear it.

You are a revered synth master, a rage machine and an extremely finely tuned DJ. I humbly submit my eardrums to you, noble prince.

- Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy.

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