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A Couple Mornings After: The M Machine at Wrongbar (Recap)

3 Feb

 the m machine

Loyal Bassmentalities and OWSLA Monsters,

This past Wednesday Dan O and I ventured from London down to Toronto to cover OWSLA‘s prized electro-house rookie trio known as The M Machine. The San Fran natives have made a lot of headway in the last 12 months, and since they only hold a handful of original tracks to their name, many critics have been quick to crutch their success on Skrillex‘s popularity and promotional powers. The group’s effort to remain “shrouded in almost complete secrecy” hasn’t helped their cause either, as I can honestly say that even though I listen to their music quite often, I knew almost nothing about them when I stepped into Wrongbar that night.

Since Bassmenality festivities are primarliy Dubstep in orientation, most regulars who dont follow The M Machine were noticeably confused when they began their 128 bpm set. However, after the boys knocked out consecutive bangers from the likes of Zedd, Dada Life, Wolfgang and Knife Party, everyone seemed to have forgotten that they were confused and were now too busy jumping, screaming and throwing alcohol to care about the lack of wobble. Concurrently, the 2/3 members of the trio that were performing put 110% effort into their performance that evening, and their relative innocence in the world of live touring made everything about them that much more genuine.

As the set finished following their signature track Promise Me a Rose Garden, The M Machine handed the spotlight over to Biz of The Killabits, who graciously rangled up some applause for the bay area beauties and introduced the next act to the stage – Drop The Lime. Unfortunately my iPhone decided to be an asshole and promptly died on me after his first track, but on the flip side, it allowed me to remove myself from my footage-appropriate vantage point and immerse myself in the hour long Rock-a-billy themed hipster mosh pit that ensued until the doors closed that evening.

All in all it was really sweet to experience what a Bassmentality show at Wrongbar is like sans any Dubstep music, and the endeavor gave me a much clearer picture as to why The M Machine have gained so much popularity in such a short time. They are extremely talented young DJs/producers from one of the most vibrant dance music hubs in North America, and regardless of the label they represent, the trio has got a very bright future on the horizon.

- Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy






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