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Happy Mau5coming Noobs!

4 Oct

Dear Deadmau5,

Honestly, there aren’t enough words in the english language that I have at my disposal to describe the utter pleasure of watching you DJ live. Your latest set at homecoming has been the 4th show I have seen you play in the span of a year and fortunately, each time I have seen you, you somehow find ways to outdo yourself.

The first show of yours I saw was last year at the Guvernment. At the time, the only songs I was really familiar with were Ghosts, Reward & Moar Ghosts. For the brief period of time before that concert you would have definitely labelled me a Noob, thankfully that night you showcased much of your underplayed songs and remixes, as this was before you began touring with your absurd cube of destruction and LED mask. Your set opened my ears that night, a necessary first step that has since made me a slave to your muse.

By the time Bonnaroo rolled around, I had already been well versed in your music, and had spread it as hard a humanly possible whilst I was in the Holy Land. Watching the looks on Israeli faces when I dropped Dr. Funkenstein and Fifths, at the bar I was spinning at was priceless. It was as if I had shown them an ever-spewing fountain of hummus. Anyways, the show you played at Bonnaroo was a masterpiece, it was the second time you unveiled the cube and LED mask since Coachella, at it was one of the most mesmerizing sights I have even witnessed. Unfortunately the tent was a little too packed, and I was forced to witness most of ur set from, the acid-tripper infested, back portion of the crowd. The same can be said for your Canada Day performance, which was almost identical in set list, appearance and awesomeness. However, this time I had the great fortune of being with some of my best friends, who are just as mau5hungry as I am and were able to bounce around with me, so I didn’t look like a complete retard.

Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better, you decide to finally cut the cube and flashy light show and go on an ‘unhooked’ tour, with a very special stop in London for Homecoming. What a mensch you are, for at last you give us Mau5heads the ability to rage and roll alongside our best friends and the entire student population of UWO.

Although the two old as fuck DJs who opened for you were decent, and played some legit bangers, the crowd was just not electric until you mangeled your way on stage, flailing your arms around like a tard (which I luckily got on video). The first half an hour or so was a delight for the people who can truly call themselves Deadmau5 fans, you played a dazzling array of house tracks, most of which were remixes of your more well known tracks. Although the Noobs in VIP seemed a bit bored and confused, as all they wanted to hear was Ghosts, let me assure you that the true house fans in the crowd were bouncing around relentlessly. After this breif phase of house related yummyness you dropped back into old form, blasting out banger after banger, starting with The Reward and moving through Ghosts, Moar Ghosts, Animal Rights & Sofi, which were all tasty as sin. Then you just started firing a shitstorm of remixes and originals that I have not heard before. If you were at tent party you know the one track in particular that im talking about (which thank god I got on video). The highlight of the night for me was twofold, the first when you dropped Raise Your Weapon, which is quite possibly the most euphoric dubstep song on the planet, and the second when you ended the night wearing a Western sweater, standing infront of the DJ booth, with the lovely tones of strobe echoing behind you. You even gave us a little treat, by coming out from the booth with your lemur touchpad and remixing Rage’s “Killing in the Name of” right infront of our eyes.

All in all there isn’t much left to say. You have become the face of modern progressive house and electro music, and have inspired people all over the planet to rage around for as long as drugs and pure adrenaline can keep them standing. You can be an egocentric asshole sometimes but who the fuck cares, you are a malnourished Jew from Niagra Falls Ontario and you have consistently kept yourself on top of the international DJ spectrum.


- Signed Sincerely, your humble servant, The Worst Guy

Here are some of the videos I got from tent party, enjoi!

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