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Calvertron Interview and Music

11 Feb

No doubt if you are an avid reader of this or pretty much any music blog out there, or a true fan of Electronic music, you have seen this DJ/producer’s name on some of the wildest, freshest tracks in existence. For over a decade Alex Calver a.k.a. Calvertron has been working hard at creating music across so many different genres, all with the same undeniable Calvertron touch that has melted countless minds all across the globe. 2011 has already witnessed some really sick tracks by the legendary artist, and there are really no signs of slowing down.

Here is what CALVERTRON had to say:

TWG: First off, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to let your hugely appreciative fans in Canada get to know you a little bit better. I know you are currently country-hopping all over the globe, any chance we’ll get to see you around here anytime soon?

CT: I’m gonna be playing the main stage at Shambhala this summer, my agent says I maybe playing at another festival north of Calgary also, not got any details on that one yet though.

TWG: Over the last 11 years or so you’ve achieved quite the accomplished discography, but I personally have a strong connection to the massive beats of Twocker. Is there a possibility for some new Twocker releases in the near future?

CT: Will [Bailey] and I got together a few months back and made a track, we’re just working on the vocals at the moment, hopefully we’ll get that nailed soon. We keep meaning to get together but we can never seem to find the time.

TWG: I, unlike you, entered into the electronic music scene at a much more recent time, and I’m only able to experience the earlier years through Classic Mixes and hunting for older releases in stores or online. From your experience, what do you think is the biggest difference between the music scene now, and the one when you first entered? Has your creative process for making a song changed over the years?

CT: I started learning to produce with Cubase on an old Atari ST computer in the late 90′s, there were no softsynths back then, you had to buy thousands of pounds/dollars worth of keyboards, outboard fx units, samplers a mixing desk etc to be able to make a track, it took me a long time to get all the gear together (I was very poor). These days all you need is pc and some monitors speakers and your away, which is great and makes it much easier for less privileged peeps to have their talent heard!

TWG: Who would you consider to be your major influences?

CT: I used to play guitar in a thrash metal band until the Prodigy Steered my interest towards synthesizers and sampling, then I got into drum n bass in a big way, I used to buy records from labels like Trouble on Vinyl, Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, V Recordings and Ram etc. These days some of my favourite producers and a big influence on my production would be Noisia, Datsik, Downlink, Doctor P, High Rankin, Figure to name a few. There’s so much good music out there I find it hard to keep up!

TWG: What has been your most memorable moment while performing? Any favorite venues?

CT: I don’t have a single favorite moment really but I Love playing in San Francisco (where I met my wife), I played some nice outdoor events in Brazil, Moscow in 2005 was special, I had a great time playing for ‘Noize Control’ in Auckland, New Zealand a couple of weeks back.

TWG: When you aren’t rockin’ out as Calvertron, how does Alex Calver kick back and relax?

CT: My favourite pastimes would be hanging out with Mrs C, eating out and going to the movies. I really enjoy playing golf with my Mate Wayne. I’m a huge comedy fan (Doug Stanhope, Louis CK, Alan Partridge, Charlie Brooker etc). I have a 1 year old spaniel called Billy who’s tireless energy keeps me from ever relaxing!

TWG: Your remixes of ‘Bring the Bass Back’ and ‘I’ll Show You Bass’ have been on constant repeat on my iPod for the longest time. Any tracks stuck in your head recently?

CT: ‘Doctor P – Big Boss’ & ‘Cookie Monsta – Blurgh’ are still annoyingly stuck in my head! (amongst a thousand others) both amazing tracks.

TWG: Lastly, any words of wisdom for young, up-and-coming DJ’s listening in around the world?

CT: Learn to produce music if you want to dj I suppose. And if your producing music learn an instrument so you know how to put sounds in the right key. Boring advice, but practical! And don’t drink gasoline…

Calvertron TITS

Calvertron – Doo Doo (Original Mix)

Calvertron & Qualver – Raw 2 Da Floor (Original Mix)

Twocker – Ruffneck

- Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix


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