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The Worst Guy Presents: Steve Duda (Interview and Concert)

4 Jul

Dear Duda Lovin’ Dudes and Dudettes,

It is by no stroke of luck that I wound up at Steve Duda‘s apartment in downtown Toronto close to a month ago. Actually, it was the first time in my relatively short blogging career that something I planned out actually came to fruition perfectly. The reason being, is that most DJs in our lovely international EDM community are somewhat caged behind either their managerial obligations or their egos, and for someone with in their email address, it’s somewhat impossible to get a sit down. Thankfully Mr. Duda is as humble as he is tech-savvy and arranging an interview with him, following the show he played in Toronto on The River Gambler, was easier than appreciating his music.

Not only is Steve an ever-spewing wealth of knowledge on the topics of electronics, music and electronic music, he has matured side-by-side in the industry next to his long time friend and collaboration partner Joel Zimmerman (who is also his neighbour in Toronto). He is also a multi-talented sound guru and computer programmer, but most importantly he is an extremely awesome guy. The only bad luck that came of the whole interview is that Deadmau5 was asleep next door the whole time.

- Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy


Part 1

Steve’s thoughts on the DJ industry, himself and his music & programs

Part 2

Steve’s thoughts on Deadmau5, Skrillex and his process of producing music


Steve Duda’s Music

Steve Duda – Fish

Steve Duda – Generation

Steve Duda – Peaches

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