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Trippy Vibes Tuesday: Episode 42

29 May

Yes Indeed Y’all,

“Music is always changing and the changes are unpredictable,” that’s what Billy Sheehan wrote and these artists are helping to pave the way into that unpredictableness; pushing boundaries of instrumentation and production. And with a whole smorgasbord of music, who needs a long introduction.

The Pretty Lights  Music label seems to be one of the fastest growing labels around amassing a crew of highly skilled and experienced DJs and producers. The latest recruit, Eliot Lipp, has been around the block quite a few times now and the release of Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake  is his eleventh studio album. He has a vibey sound with synths that have an eighties feel to them and drums adding a bit of a hip hop twist to the music. And of course like all the music from the PLM label all of the music can be downloaded for free on their website.

Eliot Lipp – Alive

Eliot Lipp – The Wolf

Eliot Lipp – The Rabbit

What more can I really say about Pretty Lights that you haven’t heard already. He dropped a new banger on us a few weeks back aptly titled ‘You Get High’ and I think that gives you some sort of a hint as to what state of mind you should be in while you listen to his latest glitch hop banger. Don’t miss your chance to see him on the Full Flex Express tour with Skrillex, Diplo and more, check out the tour dates and ticket links right here.

Pretty Lights – You Get High

Squarepusher emerges once again releasing his brand new album Ufabulum. Constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music has always been something that has been integral in the creation of his music and while he has often used live musicians on his albums, this album is pure programming. Not only can he play a mean bass, but he can program it just as well.

Squarepusher – Unreal Square

Squarepusher – The Metallurgist

Squarepusher – Dark Steering

One of the most up and coming bands in the jam scene these days is a band out of Athens, Ohio, called Papadosio. They’re one of those bands that could never decide what kind of music they wanted to play and their sound has become an amalgamation of jazz, reggae, electronic music and whatever else they feel like jamming. Like most jam bands, the best way to experience them is listening to them live, so all of these tracks come from their set at the 2010 Aura Music Festival.

Papadosio – New Song

Papadosio – Advocate For Change

Papadosio – Eyes Have Eyes

Electronic artists have always had fun remixing the work of other electronic artists, but lately it seems like there’s a growing trend where non-electronic musicians are getting in the game. They are offering to put up stems and encouraging the fans to take their music and make their own creations. One of my favourite albums from 2011 was Gloss Drop by post-rock band Battles, and they have released a collection of remixes from their album entitle Dross Glop. I think it speaks to what people want these days enjoying music is no longer purely a passive thing, it’s more active and the fans want to be a part of it.

Battles – Futura (The Alchemist Remix)

Battles – White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

Battles – Sundome (Eye Remix)

Interludes After Midnight, the latest release from Blockhead can only be described as straight up baby making music. The hip hop producer dropped some chilled out grooves with smooth bass lines that are sure to moisten your nether regions.

Blockhead – Never Forget Your Token

Blockhead – Panic In Funkytown

Blockhead – Smoke Signals

- Signed Sincerely, Hooch

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Trippy Vibes Tuesday: Episode 40

13 Mar

Tuesday’s Not Gone Yet,

After a gorgeous day sitting outside drinking beer, I finally had a chance to soot down and check out the mass amount of music that has been accumulating in my music folder over the last week. And because I have so much music to share with all of you today, I’m going to keep this introduction short and sweet and move straight onto the music.

San Francisco based electro band The Neurovoltaic Orchestra have put their entire album Machine Nature up to stream for free and while the jamtronica group is still relatively unknown, they managed to get the attention of some of the masters of the art and will be opening up for Lotus at their upcoming show in their hometown. The band combines the precision of a machine with the energy of a rock band and they definitely don’t just stick to one style of music. The incredibly diverse four-piece seems to be capable of doing anything.

Another friend of Lotus, Derek VanScoten, D.V.S.* has been hard at work and released a new remix this week as well as him first original track of the year. As always he combines his stellar guitar playing with grimey, hip-hop influenced inspired electronic music.

Loyal Divide – Vision Vision (Derek VanScoten Remix)

D.V.S.* – Wave Romance (feat. Dust77)

It looks like the live electronic craze has been spreading globally like this next band, Kaly Live Dub, who hails from France. The band makes some wobbly-ass dubstep, with an emphasis on the dub. There is a huge reggae influence to what they do which gives this highly energetic music a laid back vibe. Luckily for us though, any vocal samples or guest rappers that appear with them are in english, so there’s nothing that gets lost in translation.

Kaly Live Dub – In Case

Kaly Live Dub – Moog-Lee

Kaly Live Dub – What a Life (feat. Biga Ranx)

The French seem to be doing something right these days when it comes to music because producer/DJ Naibu has released what looks to be one of the best liquid DnB albums of the year. His ambient instrumentation and smooth rolling bass lines give this album a chilled out atmosphere that isn’t too common in drum and bass.

Commix recently dropped his latest record, Dusted, but it is by no means covered in dust. This is some the freshest shit to grace the DnB scene in a while. His liquid DnB sound is unlike that of Naibu as his is more upbeat and has a fatter drum sound and less ambience.

Commix – Time Has Come

Commix – Everything

Commix – Tracking You

- Signed Sincerely, Hooch 

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Trippy Vibes Tuesday: Episode 38

28 Feb

To My Open Minded Followers,

I know it’s late, but there are still a bit of time left of this fine Tuesday and I think it’s time for a dose of new music to listen to. I just finished having a conversation with one of my friends and we were discussing how we both think that people who only listen to one type of music don’t really make sense to us. So today, I plan on bombarding you with a who smorgasboard of artists from across the musical spectrum.

if y’all haven’t grabbed it yet, the soundtrack for the Re:Generation music documentary is available for free and while I’m sure most of you already heard Skrillex’s Breakin’ a Sweat, there were a few other tracks and remixes that embody what the project was all about; combining styles of music that wouldn’t otherwise interact with each other.

DJ Premier – Regeneration (ft Nas and The Berklee Symphony Orchestra)

Mark Ronson – A La Modeliste (Bonobo Remix)

The Crystal Method – I’m Not Leaving (ft Martha Reeves and The Funk Brothers)

Rocket Juice and the Moon is a project that I was interested in from the moment I heard the line up. Three musicians with completely different backgrounds and all members of bands that I’m already a fan of could have gone one of two ways, really fucking awesome or another supergroup that fails to live up to the hype. Well, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Damon Albarn (Gorillaz) and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti),  have released a song from their debut album and it is definitely a good sign of things to come. All of these guys are legends in their own right and it’s good to see that none of them try to over shadow each other, instead embrace what I would consider a fundamental ideology that underlies all forms of music, that music is just about the coming together and sharing of ideas.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been on a pretty big Chris Dave kick and discovered this album by Shafiq Husayn that he performed on called Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka. This album combines hip-hop, jazz and R&B with the result being some of the smoothest shit I’ve heard in a while. The sheer force of all the musicians involved with this project is just next level and pushes the boundaries of contemporary jazz music.

Shafiq Husayn – Nirvana

Shafiq Husayn – Lost & Found featuring Jimetta Rose and Bilal

Shafiq Husayn – Evil Man

Many people, myself included, complain that pop music sucks. Although, there tends to be incredible musicians on the albums by pop stars, they are put in a box and their creativity is totally stifled because they have to play a certain way to fit the pop music model. Sweden’s Dirty Loops says fuck that! There doesn’t need to be a disconnect between crazy musicianship and pop sensibilities. These guys do covers of pop songs, and bad ones at that, and rearrange them to give the songs some balls. However, it doesn’t take away from the appeal that these songs have to the high school girl crowd. If music on the radio was like this, I would listen to the radio all the fucking time.

- Signed Sincerely, Hooch

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Trippy Vibes Tuesday: Episode 36

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day,

Whether you’re celebrating the day or not, this collection of chilled out songs are the perfect addiction to the romance that comes with the day. Some people like to give out flowers, others chocolates, but I think the best way to show someone you care is through some music and I hope these songs will help to set the mood for whatever it is you’re getting up to today.

Earlier today, Ninja Tune Records released an album of remixes for Bonobo’s album Black Sands. The album offers up the interpretations of some of his songs from some of his label mates like Lapalux and Falty DL as well as some artists that I have never heard of. So it looks like Nero isn’t the only one to be feeling the admiration from his peers right now. The album stays pretty true to the laid back style of Bonobo, but you can hear how each artist put a different spin on the track that chose to remix, evidenced by the fact that four separate remixes appear for the song Eyesdown.

Bonobo – Kiara (Cosmin TRG Remix)

Bonobo – The Keeper (Banks Remix)

Bonobo – Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix)

This Saturday, I’ll have the pleasure of seeing legendary Japanese trip-hop artist DJ Krush for the first time at Wrongbar, but from what I’ve hear this guy puts on a crazy show, so I fully expect to get krushed by the music, sorry for the cheesiness with that one. He’s currently celebrating his twentieth anniversary and has been releasing a new single each month. His music is very chilled and  epic at the same time, all I can say is that if his tour brings him to France, I hope he doesn’t get Paris Syndrome.

DJ Krush – Breathe of Wings

DJ Krush – Optical Path

DJ Krush – Phasic Swing

Former bassist from The Roots, Owen Biddle, decided to leave the band so that he could focus on his new project Mister Barrington. His idea was to assemble a crew of fantastic musicians and create some crazy electronic music. The band has just finished recording their second album and says they are going to be releasing it soon, so keep an eye out for that because based on what I’ve heard from the first album I know that it’s going to be crazy.

Finally, I gotta wish a happy belated birthday to the greatest hip-hop producer of all time Mr. J Dilla, who passed away back in 2006. He has been a huge influence to rappers, DJs, Producers and musicians alike.

I also have to give a shout out tot Mymanhenri and BADBADNOTGOOD who threw down at Wrongbar last Thursday to pay tribute to the man.


BADBADNOTGOOD – The World Is Yours

-Signed Sincerely, Hooch

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